Anti-Virus Company Symantec to Switch to Subscription Service, Consolidates Norton Products

By @CBCondez on

American technology company Symantec will showcase a major change on Sept. 23 with the introduction of Norton Security.  Norton Security will replace nine of the company's current security products, and it will be offered as a subscription service. 

To be consolidated into the package are Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton 360 Premier, and more. The tech security firm introduced these products over the past years in order to provide customers with protection against new threats that surfaced. However, the company has come to realise that it's counterproductive because customers were finding it hard to decide which product would best serve their purpose. 

"What we realized was we actually ended up confusing a lot of customers," PC Advisor quotes Gerry Egan as saying. Egan is the senior director of product management at Norton.

As part of the move, the company will be offering Norton Security as an online subscription service, akin to Netfix, although it will also be distributed in stores. The online options offer more convenience since users only need to register for an account and download the product for use on PCs, Macs, iOS devices, or Android handhelds. There is no announcement yet as to the maximum number of devices that can be used.

CNET notes the negative reputation that Norton had in the past.  In response, Egan said that they will offer a money-back guarantee for the new product. 

The package primarily includes protection against viruses, spyware, and spam, along with browser security.  Cloud-based backup will also be offered.

Symantec spent over a year to achieve this change. It is currently in beta, and will be available for sale in North America by mid-September at $79.  It is scheduled to be released in Europe some time in October and then in Asia Pacific at a later date. 

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