Anti-HIV Pill to be Tested in Canada, Raises Controversy for Allegedly Discouraging Use of Condoms

By @snksounak on

The controversial anti-HIV pill is going to be tested in Toronto to figure out how much it is effective in reality. While the pill raises hope that the lethal disease may be prevented in near future, there are people who are apprehensive that the pill may encourage unsafe sexual behaviour.

The pill called Truvada has a history of being marketed as a means of HIV infection treatment. The United States approved the use of the daily pill in 2012. The pill has been used by healthy people as a preventive method of protecting themselves against highly risky HIV contraction during unprotected sex. It was equally welcome among bisexual and homosexual men as well as heterosexual couples who happen to be engaged with a HIV-positive sexual partner, CBC reported.

Clinical scientist Dr Darrell Tan, whose responsibility at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto is on infectious diseases, is presently working on one pilot demonstration of how Truvada performs as pre-exposure prophylaxis in bisexual and homosexual men. He is scheduled to keep these men under observation for a year. Mr Tan expects that the pilot is going to expand on the national level.

However, the controversy attached to the pill which has all the possibilities to become revolutionary in the field of HIV treatment is that some doctors believe that the pill will encourage careless sexual behaviour. The main concern is that the pill will discourage people to use condoms.

Many people compare it with oral contraceptives which were severely criticised for holding potential risks of encouraging "slutty" behaviour. There is a simple fact involved in the development of Truvada. People who use condoms for maintaining safe sexual practices are never going to need it anyway. That is why the development of Truvada raises so many questions.

On the other hand, there are many who do not believe that using condoms is a highly effective measure as it has not been able to prevent the HIV epidemic worldwide.

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