Anthony Mundine Not Going to Give Up

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Australian professional boxer and former rugby player, Anthony Mundine said he is not going to give up after recounting his sordid loss to Joshua Clottey.

While the boxing nation is sceptical of his return, Mundane confirmed that he was defeated simply for the application of wrong tactics to the former IBF welterweight world champion. Mundane was knocked down for five times at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Wednesday night.

The 38-year-old Mundine having lost his No.3 spot in WBA International super welterweight title was definitely a big blow. But Mundane cleared out saying, "I know I'm not done."

Though his dream to fight with Floyd Mayweather may not materialize, he still has lot to give in some domestic fights.

"I don't know what I want to do, I'll talk and sit with the team, I'm upset and it's an emotional time, so I don't want to make any rash decisions or say anything...I just want to get some rest and see what's next," Mundane said to AAP.

Mundane further admitted the fact that he could have tried to apply his jib more instead of attacking Clottey from inside.

"Joshua came and saw me in the dressing sheds after and said when I was jabbing I had him so frustrated but when I wasn't jabbing he was able to get inside and fire away...I wish I did jab more. That's the best punch in boxing and that was working for me, setting everything up...I probably did fight the wrong fight looking at it...I want to watch the tape and see where I got caught, how I got caught and how I could have been better defensively," Mundane further added.

The sheer power to turn the wheel in critical times earned Mundane a lot of applaud from critics and fans throughout his career.

"Anybody who has ever bagged Anthony Mundine should eat their words, because he showed so much heart and valour it was incredible...Maybe Choc will decide to give it away, he's had a great career. But knowing Choc' I don't think he will," IBF junior lightweight champion Barry Michael said.

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