Another Boy Band Battle: The Wanted Diss One Direction

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Despite not winning once over the boys of One Direction, The Wanted is seriously picking another fight with the British boy band. Tom Parker has once again made an indirect diss fired at the boys of 1D. However, this isn't the first time The Wanted has made such a comment and the question is how would One Direction and their "Directioners" react?

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Tom Parker was quick to make another comment that ticked off a few fans of One Direction.

"What I'm proud of is that I feel like we started this whole generation of new boy bands not dancing. We were the first one there. We're the coolest boy band around," claimed Parker.

Judging from the time The Wanted came out, One Direction was already in effect and had just been fresh out of the show "X-Factor." Still, Parker insists on the fact that The Wanted came out first and claims to be the coolest. Another member of the band also added on Parker's statement.

"I think everyone saw us and though, that's the blueprint, we'll tidy it up a bit and then we'll make a lot of money," said Jay, adding, "When we started out, JLS had done it a year before us, so we were like second in command."

"But yes, we're still going! It's odd now because suddenly the conversation is bigger and they're everywhere we go, in every 'X Factor' from Australia to the UK, there is a boy band or two or three, it's just a bigger conversation," continued McGuiness.

Obviously, with the latest hype the boys of One Direction are getting, The Wanted better reassess their statements. Just recently, One Direction had released the official music video for "Kiss You" and in minutes had made it to the worldwide trending topic on Twitter with the tag, #KissYouOnVEVO.

Ironically, The Wanted didn't quite get that much hype for their music videos on Twitter. Still, this wouldn't be the first time The Wanted has picked a fight with 1D. If fans may recall, Max George had shared a row with Zayn Malik on Twitter leading Max to send out an arrest for the boys of 1D.

"Wanted" or not, The Wanted should focus on getting more attention on them rather than making petty comments on how cool they are over other bands.

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