Another Big Bang? Huge Explosion on the Sun's Surface Recorded by NASA [Watch Video from YouTube]

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While the big bang theory mentioned about the sun bursting into pieces with one enormous thud, NASA's recent satellite video of the huge explosion on the sun's surface revealed that the sun is just dancing and twisting as it should be. 

The amazing video was recorded using the state-of-the-art instruments aboard the NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

From the video clip, it can be observed that the bursting sun sends millions of particles into space in such a volatile way. The tiny, twisted plasma moves back and forth then explodes into space within a day's time. Opposing magnetic forces pulled and stretched the suspended plasma until the breakaway is triggered along the process.

According to a report from USA Today, NASA spokeswoman Susan Hendrix explained: "material on the sun, doing what it always does, dancing and twisting -- and in this case erupting off the side of the sun."

Bursting activities from the sun like these are often associated with solar flare. In a report from LA Times, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Heliophysicist Holly Gilbert stated: "A flare is the sort of close-to-the-surface phenomenon where the twisting and snapping occurs and therefore you get all this heat and kinetic energy,"

To categorise the strength of the solar flare, letter grades are applied with the weakest one classified under A-class and the strongest flare categorised under X class. Depending on the strength of the flare, the letter represents 10 times of the strength compared with the previous letter.

Finer details of the flare are done by attaching numbers to each letter. For instance, NASA's record on the solar flare that happened on April 2 was graded M6.5 indicating that it was a mid-level flare.

When aimed at the Earth, the mid-level flare could cause minor radiation storms and brief radio blackouts which might be dangerous for astronauts according to NASA.

Good thing, the sun's huge explosion is not a big bang but just a normal event. So it is not a cause for worry. Had it not been for the operation of SDO four years ago, the sun's secrets would have remained a dark mystery.

Watch video of the huge explosion on the sun's surface from YouTube.

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