Another Batman Film?; “The Dark Knight Rises” Star Christian Bale Gives his Blessing to New Caped Crusader


"The Dark Knight Rises" star Christian Bale said that he is looking forward to the new Batman and is very intrigued on what he will do.

Christian Bale also said that he will be the first one to watch the new Batman film.

Hunk actor Christian Bale recently reprised his role as the superhero of Gotham City as Christopher Nolan just closed his own trilogy of Batman. With the epic conclusion of the Batman series, this is also the end for Christian Bale in wearing the mask and the cape.

"I'm very intrigued to see another interpretation of it at this point," Christian Bale said in an interview with MTV when asked how he would feel seeing someone else will play the role of Batman in another movie.

Batman and Bruce Wayne's characters have been open to various takes and interpretations. However, Chris Nolan opted for the dark turn back toward his origins.

"We return to the dark, which I'm told is what Bob Kane originally intended when he created this. Chris has managed to make it topical. With Bob Kane, it was topical as well. World War II was breaking out," Christian Bale said.

The actor recently expressed his sorrow at the shooting happened in Aurora, Colorado during the premiere of his latest film. And the studio behind the movie said it was withholding box office data out of respect for the victims.

The premiere of the much awaited final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises" was overshadowed by a miserable tragedy when one of the audiences started fellow fans in a theatre in Colorado.

Suspect James Holmes did a rapid gunfire inside the theater that left 12 dead and 58 injured. Among the casualties is six-year-old girl Veronica Moser-Sullivan. Veronica's mother was currently in critical condition due to gunshots on the neck and abdomen.

The suspect used a semi-automatic assault rifle to conduct the attack. The rifle used by the shooter jammed during the attack, forcing him to switch to another weapon.

Christian Bale said that he was deeply saddened by the incident and hoped that justice will reach the victims.

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