Another Aussie Boy Writes to PM Abbott to Ask Why 2 Lesbian Mums Can’t Get Married

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When Tony Abbott was still the Opposition leader, his nemesis were female members of the handbag brigade, led by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard who called him a misogynist on the Parliament hall.

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Now, besides grappling with his dwindling voter support, the PM has a growing number of new nemeses - school-going and letter-writing children of lesbians who could not understand why their two mums could not legally get married in Australia.

In a span of weeks apart, Mr Abbott received two such letters.

The latest came from 10-year-old Jaden from Melbourne who asked the prime minister why his two lesbian mums could not marry. The Liberal Party, which Mr Abbott heads, is against same-sex marriage and would not allow party members to cast conscience votes. The PM, a Catholic who once studied for the priesthood, stands his ground on the matter despite his position being unpopular in a western society and having a lesbian sister who is in a same-sex relationship.

Emily Wood, one of Jason's mums, recalled that the boy's decision to write the PM, with a copy of the letter posted on, was the result of a discussion over dinner at home when he asked if her friend is gay.

He asked the PM, "But if they did married, how would it hurt you? I mean like you wouldn't even see them and dude your sister is a lesbian! And if you can't accept that I'm sure you can let gay and lesbians get married."

Wood said Jaden sent the letter, which she did not edit at all, on Monday afternoon. Besides his personal conviction about the issue bought by his family circumstances, Jaden is also practicing persuasive writing in class.

The mum said Jaden did not care for the media attention his letter would get, but just wants Mr Abbott to read his handwritten letter.

In July, Mr Abbott received a similar letter from 11-year-old Orland Burcham, in which the pre-teen chided the PM, saying, "It is so pathetic that you aren't letting the gay people of Australia and other countries get married here ... You were elected to represent our country, not yourself,. Just because you think it's wrong, does not give you the right to make it illegal."

In his response to Orlando, the PM said although they have different views on the issue, he respects the views the boy stated. Mr Abbott would likely make the same diplomatic response to Jaden.

In the next video, it's the turn of an adult child of lesbian parents to share her experience being raised in a different family setting.

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