Anne Rice to Revive ‘Vampire Lestat,’ New Sequel of ‘Vampire Chronicles' Now on the Brew

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Anne Rice will revive the famous sultry antihero Lestat in her vampire chronicles in a new sequel to be released this year! "Prince Lestat", the new sequel of Rice's famous Vampire Chronicle, will be released October 28 just in time for Halloween.

The new book is a sequel to "Queen of the Damned". "Prince Lestat" is now a rockstar and is suddenly awakens a millennia old vampire queen. The sequel will be Rice's first "Vampire Chronicle series since the "Blood Canticle" released in 2002.

Rice announced her new book in West Hollywood on her son Christopher Rice's web series "The Dinner Party Show" on Sunday. This was followed by a post on the author's Facebook page. The post said:

"Guys, I am heading for bed after an exciting and fulfilling evening. In West Hollywood today, on The Dinner Party Show, I announced my new book, "Prince Lestat" which will be published on October 28th. #PrinceLestat."

Rice also thanked her fans for their unwavering support to her new novel. Hashtag #PrinceLestat is a trending topic on Facebook and Rice said she is glad that her readers did not forget her beloved Prince. She also noted that being able to share her experiences on the Facebook post brings her much joy.

"We now have over 995,000 people tuning in here and will soon reach one million. I am so grateful. It's such fun." Rice added in her Facebook post.

Rice further said on the interview on the Dinner party show that she felt like the book is the Novel 1 of a new incarnation of the Vampire Chronicles.

Back in 2008, Anne Rice announced that she was through the series for good which saddened avid readers and fans. After the announcement, Fans haven't heard of the possible sequel from the author of the best sellers, "Interview with the Vampire" and "Queen of The Damned" until Sunday. Both books are adapted into films.

Aside from the release of the book, "Prince Lestat," fans are also curious if the new sequel will be adapted into film soon.

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