Anne Hathaway is New Victim of Cyber Bullying?

Twitter fans Lash Out on Anne Hathaway After BAFTA win


The Les Miserables star took home another award from the BAFTAs this weekend, but the actress is getting a lot of hatred from her fans.

There is definitely no doubt to Anne Hathaway's stunning performance as Fantine, and no one in their right mind will ever argue that she's unworthy of the recognitions she has received thus far. However, her acceptance speeches may be getting overly dramatic (not to mention, overly long) that some people deem it too much.

Hathaway's speech began as she came up on stage and received her award for best supporting actress from presenter George Clooney. The actress walked past Clooney and raced back immediately to give him a hug.

"I almost passed George Clooney without hugging him...that's just stupid," she said.

Unfortunately, the jokes didn't end there. The actress went as far as giving a shout-out to her fellow cast member Eddie Redmayne, who was sick backstage with food poisoning.

"Eddie, feel better. I'd be holding your hair back but, you know," Hathaway joked as she gestured to her award.

The 30-year-old actress seemed really to take her time on stage, thanking the cast and crew in her speech, and even including Les Miserables author Victor Hugo (who's been dead for almost 128 years) and calling him honey.

Many fans expressed their displeasure of this via Twitter, saying Hathaway was feigning humility and was being over-the-top.

One tweet said, "Sigh. There Anne Hathaway goes again, being all surprised and honored and humble with a carefully rehearsed extemporaneous speech. #BAFTA."

While another one sarcastically tweeted, "If Hathaway thanked Victor Hugo, will Bigelow have to thank Bin Laden?"

On the other hand, other fans defended her from the Hathahaters.

"Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech was adorably awkward!" a fan tweeted.

"Anne Hathaway beginning speech about almost not hugging George Clooney was hilarious," another wrote.

With all this backlash going on, Hathaway still remains a strong contender for best actress in the Academy. And because of the high possibililty of her also snatching that Oscar, shehad better start preparing that speech.

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