Anne Frank's Marbles to Be Displayed for First Time in Rotterdam

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Anne Frank handed over some of the toys she played with to her friend Toosje Kupers before her family headed to their hiding placw. The items which her friend was supposed to keep safe included a book, a tea set and box of marbles. Ms Frank played with Ms Kupers in the Amsterdam neighbourhood. After about 70 years now, the colourful marbles of Ms Frank will be put on display for the very first time.

Ms Frank, along with her family, spent 25 months of their life in cramped rooms to save themselves from the Nazis who were bloodthirsty for Jewish execution during the World War II days. The world came to know about the story of the family after Ms Frank's diary had been discovered. "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl" which has become iconic is read by millions of people ever since. The exhibition of Ms Frank's marbles in Rotterdam will be the first time the world will see what the little girl played with during her days of terror.

The marbles were kept in a box. Ms Kupers kept it safe and waited for Ms Frank to return so that she could give it back to her. However, Ms Frank never returned. She later handed over the box of marbles to Ms Frank's father, the only member from the family who survived the Holocaust. Otto Frank asked Ms Kupers to keep Ms Frank's belongings to herself.

Ms Kupers discovered the items only when she started moving about a year back. CNN reported that she had discovered in the attic. The museum authorities were "thrilled" to know that Ms Frank's marbles survived the torture of time. Ms Kupers decided to hand all the belongings to the Anne Frank House.

The book and the tea set have already been displayed. Ms Frank got the book as a gift on her 13th birthday. However, this is the first time the authorities have decided to put the marbles on display as well.

Source: CNN

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