Anna Wintour's Daughter, Bee Schaffer Reveals All in New Interview: 'I'm 5ft 5in and I have huge boobs'

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What is it like to be the daughter of the great Vogue editor Anna Wintour? Anna, who is known to the world as the most intimidating bosses, once revealed in an interview that her children are her "weakness." But does her daughter think the same? For Katherine Bee Schaffer, who is now 26, her mother has some really good sense of humor!

As shocking as it might sound to people who know Anna as the poker face U.S. Vogue editor, her daughter Bee revealed to Teen Vogue that her mother has a good sense of humor. She remembered when she switched to taking green juice after shifting to Los Angeles and said she got an email from her mother saying "you're so LA with your juice. How's the kale?"

However, one thing that Bee has not inherited from her mother is the likeliness for fashion and news trends. She says she can keep repeating what she wears and given that her height is not that great, she understands she can never carry everyone that well.

"I'm 5ft 5in and I have huge boobs, like I'm not going to wear the same thing as Karlie Kloss," the gorgeous Bee revealed in a filmed interviews, which can be seen here.

"I've never been fashion-forward, I'm not that interested in fashion. I kind of wear the same thing all the time or, I know it's cliched to say, but jeans and T-shirts," Bee told the magazine.

But her mother has taught her the importance of getting up early and sleeping early too. She revealed during the interview that she gets up as early as 6 in the morning and hits her bed at 11 at night. Her mother Anna sleeps even earlier at 10 in the night and is an extremely early rise at 5 in the morning.

Punctuality is also something that Bee has inherited from her stylish mother.

"I'm very punctual. It's sort of how I was raised. I don't understand people who are late. It's so easy to be on time you just leave enough time for things," Bee revealed.

Check out her entire video interview here.

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