Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Breaks Up for Good After 12 Years of Being Together


Anna Kournikova has definitely had it with Enrique Iglesias.

On Oct 2, IBT Australia has reported about Kournikova's rocky relationship status with the Spanish heartthrob. It appears that the two have finally broken up for good after being together for twelve years, as reported by OK! Magazine.

It all started with Kournikova's escalating frustration at the singer's lack of enthusiasm to settle down and get married. Twelve years is a long time, and any woman in Anna's position would be infuriated, for sure!

The rumour of Kournikova's breakup with Iglesias is further confirmed by the New York Post's Page Six. According to Page Six, the couple has sold their mansion situated at Bay Point, Biscayne Bay in Miami. The property was sold for $10 million through a broker. Apparently, the couple decided not to put it on the market to steer away from the public and the media. They probably didn't want too much publicity and to shun the many hearsays and gossips about their breakup.

The issue of marriage has not only come up once. It has been brought up several times before, but Kournikova and Iglesias were able to sort things out. This time around, it appears that they both decided to call it quits.

Kournikova is definitely interested in marriage and if Iglesias isn't, she really has to start thinking about her relationship with him. The 32-year-old athlete is not getting any younger.

Prior to having a relationship with Iglesias, the tennis athlete dated in 1999 fellow Russian Pavel Bure, a hockey player who played for NHL. Her relationship with Bure didn't last, and the following year, Kournikova dated Bure's former teammate Sergei Federor. She and Federov were even rumoured to have wed in Moscow, but Kournikova's representatives denied any marriage. It was in 2001 when Kournikova began dating Iglesias

Kournikova did a pretty good job in keeping her personal life private. She has consistently refused to address the status of her romantic and even personal relationships. The couple or anyone close to them has not yet released any official statements about the said breakup. We wonder if they ever will, and if they do, we will definitely let you know!

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