Angry Ram in New Zealand Attacks Kiwi Biker Twice [WATCH VIDEO]

By @reissasu on

A video of a motorbiker from New Zealand and an angry ram has gone viral. The video showed a motorcyclist who fell from his bike after a bad-tempered ram bumped into him after the animal did not allow him to pass the dirt road.

The off-road motorbiker was cruising along a countryside trail in New Zealand when he turned a corner and discovered the ram blocking his way. Unlike any other animal that would have scampered away at the sound of an oncoming vehicle, the ram apparently stood its ground and refused to budge.

To the surprise of the Kiwi biker, the ram charged the front wheel of his motorcycle. The Kiwi rider's bike fell and crashed to the ground at the impact of the angry ram's charge.

The viral video of the angry ram charging the Kiwi biker was taken from the rider's helmet camera. The footage showed the rider trying to get back on his feet. He managed to climb onto his motorcycle and attempted to get past the angry ram.

Another video footage showed the motorcycle lying on its side as the Kiwi biker tried to get halfway up the hill. The angry ram remained rooted to the spot and seemed to taunt the New Zealander with its front foot scratching the dirt.

The Kiwi biker attempted to pass the ram but the animal charged his motorcycle again. The New Zealander kissed the ground for the second time.

The Kiwi biker was apparently stunned with the ram's second successful attempt to knock him off the ground that he had no choice but to grab the ram's horns and wrestle it as the animal tried to charge him even without his motorcycle.

The video showed the man staggering towards the bushes and holding a tree branch in an attempt to keep the angry ram away. The Kiwi finally went back to his motorcycle and used the tree branch like a medieval knight with a lance to push the ram slowly backwards. He was able to get around the ram before finally speeding away.

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