Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird: 'Unmissable' Difference Between Challenging And Frustrating Game

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Flappy Bird
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Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese game developer, has created Flappy Bird from scratch as a mobile gaming app in his free time after work.

Flappy Bird was launched in May 2013. After  7 months, the app attracted unbelievable traction among users and players. Touted as one of the top games across the world, Nguyen reportedly earned a whopping $50,000 per day from various advertisements.

Dong removed the game from the App stores in February as he could not deal with the pressure. Dong said, "Flappy Bird ruined his simple life."

Meanwhile, Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish game maker, developed mobile gaming app Angry Birds. The app was an instant success. With lots of traction, Rovio, as a company, has expanded its business, reportedly raking in revenue hundreds of millions of euros, according to Vision Mobile.

Flappy Bird and Angry Birds are two addictive gaming apps. But the motivation behind developing these two apps by Dong and Rovio respectively differs altogether.


When Dong took the Flappy Bird down, the users were quite shocked and had only one question in mind: "How was Dong able to take the app down nonchalantly?" The app was a cash cow.

Flappy Bird was created during Dong's free time after work and hence it was easy for him to take the app down from both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

Even with the same amount of attention, Rovio did not take Angry Birds down, instead it released a new version-after-version. The simple reason was that Rovio is a company which was driven by earned income and there was no reason for the company to take the app down, especially when the app is doing well. The other blatant difference was that Flappy Bird was an annoying game while Angry Bird is a challenging game.

Flappy Bird

This game was exciting to start with. But within few attempts, the user would be left with a hassled mind and negligible score. The game was played by tapping the screen to help the bird fly between the gaps of two pipes. Although it sounded simple, the game was very difficult and frustrating to play. A simple mistake could cost the life of the bird thereby ending the game. The average score by any user was between 0 and 5. Even this score was attainable only with hours of playing the game.

Angry Birds

This is not a simple game. Indeed, it is a challenging game. This gaming app expects the user to launch the birds to the right target to score points. This game stresses on strategic planning to plan the next move to hit the targets. Also, the players need not spend hours playing this game to get a decent score unlike Flappy Bird.

Which is your favorite gaming app? Is it the Flappy Bird or Angry Birds?

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