Angry Birds Go!: Upgrade Your Card to Fly Through Challenges With These 10 Cheats, Tips And Tricks

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Attention Angry Birds Go! Gamers! Dominate the game and upgrade your kart by overcoming all the challenges with these effective 10 cheats, tips and tricks when you can race your favorite characters from Angry Birds. 

There are many timed challenges like smashing fruit, but what about getting stuck on a challenge and you do not know where to look for Angry Birds Go!? Do you need codes? Follow the following cheats, tips and tricks from iMore and master Angry Birds Go!:

1.      Angry Birds Go! codes

There are many special codes from sponsors which can be redeemed via Angry Birds Go! that you need to keep an eye all the time. The Jenga code discloses a special mini game with a pirate theme. Enter the code if you have Jenga or you can buy it for $1.99. Others like State Farm have codes and run promos every now and then. Also watch for these.

2.      Aim well when launching off

Ensure to aim well when launching from the starting block. Although some want to aim inside of the track as much as possible. It depends on the "how" of the aim as it could be falling between lead starting off or getting stuck in an enemy and not catching up the time.

3.      Avoid wasting gems by skipping challenges

If you think you really cannot beat a challenge, do not skip it and waste your gems. Skipping challenges usually costs 10 gems the least and not worth it. Give it some tries or put it down to come back to later. Gems are difficult to come by so use them when you really need to sparingly.

 4.      Change the time, not gems to energize the birds.

When a bird runs out of energy, you have to wait for 20 minutes to use it again. Trick the system by putting your iPad or iPhone on Airplane mode then change time at an hour ahead. When you are back in the game, your birds should be on the go.

5.      Do daily events.

Angry Birds Go! gives daily event where you can engage with to win gems or coins.

 6.      Do the driving inside the track as much as possible.

The best routes are the short ones. Take turns and stay inside the track to shave some distance off. If there is a gem outside and you have enough lead, or time to pick it up, do so! But if you are speeding up against the clock, or have a hard time going  through an opponent, stay inside the track to gain some ground.

7.      If you need to buy something, leverage on coin doubler.

You can actually spend easily on Angry Birds Go! through in-app buys if you are not careful. If you really need to spend, do it on something worthy. Go for the coin doubler. It costs $6.99 but you have it forever plus every coin you collect counts double, meaning you double your total fast.

8.      Make top speed and acceleration upgrade top priorities

When upgrading the kart, spend the coins on top speed and acceleration first as these can give you an edge in difficult challenges. Focusing on these two boosts your leveling up and advance you faster than evenly upgrading and may lose challenges because of faster enemies.

9.      Properly time power ups

Power ups are limited, thus, use them at the right time. Do not use a speed boost before you are going around the corner as you might go wasting it or slamming on the wall. Use it in an open space. Don't forget to look on cues such as bubbles which elevate you. If you see coins streaming in the air, that is perhaps a good time to use power ups.

10.  Use Facebook for double rewards

When you sign into your Facebook, you double the Angry Birds Go! rewards. If you do have a Facebook account, use it with the game. You want to earn rewards quicker.

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