Angelina Jolie's 12-Year-old Son Maddox Has a British Girlfriend and Crush on Elle Fanning

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Move over Angie and Brad, the media has a new Pitt to talk about. Angelina Jolie's adopted son Maddox is now 12-years old and the would-be-teenager is already dating a British girl, it has been revealed. Angelina herself revealed the details of her son's love life in a recent interview. Maddox not only has a girlfriend but also had a crush on her mom's "Maleficent" co-star Elle Fanning.

''He's dating, he's got a girlfriend. She's great. I won't embarrass him. She's lovely. She lives in England. She's very cool," Angelina said dishing out details on his son's love life, is reporting.

Angelina supports her son when it comes to his love life. Since the Jolie-Pitt family divides its time between south of France, New Orleans and Los Angeles it becomes difficult for Maddox to meet his girlfriend. However, Angelina revealed in a recent interview to Entertainment Tonight that the family makes sure they spend a few days in England as often as possible so Maddox can visit his girlfriend.

The "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" actress is also quite fond of Maddox's choice and called her a "great lady."

"We go there as often as possible. It's really, really sweet. She's a great lady, so I'm lucky. So far, we're doing good," reveals Angie, according to the Web site.

Angelina Jolie too had a boyfriend who lived in with her when she was as young as 14, in the same house as her mother.  "I was either going to be reckless on the streets with my boyfriend or he was going to be with me in my bedroom with my mom in the next room because I was going to have a boyfriend," Angie said in a previous interview, according to

Maddox's other crush is sixteen-year-old Elle Fanning, with whom he hung out during the making of the movie "Maleficent" where she plays Princess Aurora.

''Angie and Elle got close during filming and Angie invited Elle to hang out with the family at their rental home in the English countryside. Maddox and Elle bonded over their shared love of sci-fi movies," a source told National Enquirer, reports

"Besides that, Maddox wants to launch an acting career and he enjoyed talking to Elle about her experiences as a child actor,'' the source added.

However Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt revealed in an earlier interview that they do not want their children to choose acting as a career and want them to look at other avenues.

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