Angelina Jolie Sparks Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Treatment Reports after Alleged Drug Video Goes Viral

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Actress Angelina Jolie
Actress Angelina Jolie attends the premiere of "The Normal Heart" in New York May 12, 2014. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Angelina Jolie reportedly spent a huge amount of money on various beauty procedures including facials, cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments. The  "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" actress already has a beautiful complexion but to maintain it she is understood to spend more than $25.6 K per year on facials, as per Celebdirtylaundry reports.

For those who are wondering that what facial costs the exorbitant amount of $25.6 K, the answer is rain drop facial.  This facial is kind of laser treatment and helps diminish fine lines, sun damage for a younger looking skin.

"First we prep skin with microdermabrasion so the laser penetrates better. Then we use a laser, which feels like warm raindrops on the skin. After that. we do a lavender acid exfoliation, then apply gentle wave lights. The treatment takes about 35 minutes for the face or an hour for the whole body - we usually treat the arms and legs, the bits that will be on show," explained Dr Dr. David Colbert who is responsible for treating Jolie's skin as per the Web Site.

Jolie's spokesperson has not said anything about it but it is understood that to keep her glow she does undergo beauty treatments.  In other news, a source close to Jolie confessed that the actress is proud to leave her dark past behind her.

"Angie lived a wild life before she met Brad," Independent qouted a source from British magazine Look. "She's OK with that and so is he. But that was so long ago, it feels like two or three lifetimes have passed since she was in that self-destructive phase.  She's done so much in her life since then that's of so much more importance. Having her past come back to haunt her is a nightmare - it's like groundhog day because no matter how much time passes, she can't seem to shake it."

This statement came after a drug video of Jolie went viral on the Internet.

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