Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish Can't Play in the U.S. Open Due to Drug Testing Issues

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Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish considered playing doubles in the upcoming U.S. Open but the two have been thwarted by anti-doping rules.

The two former top-ranked American tennis stars decided recently to make a one-time appearance at the U.S. Open to fulfil a dream they had as teens. Unfortunately, Roddick is not allowed to compete due to his failure to re-enter to the tennis' drug testing program since his retirement.

In a Fox Sports Live podcast, the 31-year-old Roddick detailed how the anticipated partnership started. Mardy Fish has never had a professional match since August while the former world no. 7 had a heart condition that, according to Roddick, led to a series of medical issues. Allegedly, Fish associated playing tennis with negative emotions and Roddick wanted to change that.

"I started thinking, Man, he never got his just due," Roddick claimed.

"So I kind of just floated the idea, 'Hey, man, if you ever want to get out there and have a great time and have a great memory just in case it is the last one, I'd play doubles with you at the U.S. Open if you wanted me to,'" the 2003 US Open champion added.

Although the 32-year-old Fish wasn't sure about the offer at first, he called Andy Roddick to accept. Unfortunately, the 31-year old learned shortly that he is ineligible to play because he officially retired in February 2013 and he needed to inform the ITF of his return to be subjected to drug testing three months before the U.S. Open.

"I get the rule in place, the three-month rule, but I feel like there should be maybe an appeal process," Roddick added.  

Needless to say, Andy Roddick's heart is in the right place for his intentions but then again, the rules are fairly obvious - to stop players from disappearing, get off from the drug testing rules then come back once they are clean.

On the other hand, there is no reason to doubt Andy Roddick's word nevertheless, it still can be surprising that he thinks that the ITF must take his word for it.

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