Andy Murray To Take on Serena Williams in a Tennis Showdown in Las Vegas

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World No. 4 Andy Murray and World No. 1 Serena Williams are all set for a tennis showdown in Las Vegas in 2014, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Both of the tennis superstars' agents are expected to meet in December to try to find the middle ground and negotiate so that the showdown will indeed happen. It has also been reported that Murray and Williams are going to arrange a meet-up personally to talk about the said event.

The idea of a tennis showdown between the two all started on Twitter. One of Williams' followers tweeted that she can effortless beat Murray.

Murray has stated that women, just like men, should play five sets in Grand Slam tournaments. "It is not like women can't play for five sets," said Murray.

The British No 1, then challenged Serena Williams to play, to which she answered right away and stated that Murray can be defeated in just five minutes.

Serena seemed built to play five sets. It shouldn't make any difference to her.

Let's make a comparison to find out if the two are a perfect match, shall we?

Serena is 37 years old, while Andy is 26. The Brit stands a bit taller than the American. She has won 57 career titles, and he has won 28. Her highest ranking is 1 and Andy's 2. Of course, we should not forget that they are not of the same sex.

It will be exciting to witness these two great players compete against each other. Murray and Williams will be training in Florida near each other in the coming weeks, so it is anticipated that they will meet to finally talk about the said showdown.

It is not clear whether there were charities involved in the Murray-Williams showdown, but they can definitely use such event to raise money for some great causes.

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