Andrology Expert Advises Young Male Cancer Patients to Store Sperm

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The number of young Australian males storing their sperm has gone up dramatically, an andrology expert disclosed on Friday as part of Andrology Australia's observation of Men's Health Week.

Professor Rob McLachlan, director of Andrology Australia, is even encouraging young male cancer patients to likewise store their sperm as a way of protecting their fertility which could be permanently damaged by certain types of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

The same advice applies to males in their early teens because modern cancer treatments could give them better chances of living longer, including siring children when they reach marrying age and despite possible damage to their fertility.

"Cancer survival, particularly among adolescents and young adults, has improved enormously ... Doing this is an affirmation of the future. If you thought you were going to die you would not do it," The Herald Sun quoted Mr McLachlan.

However, he discouraged conception by the wife while the man is on cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation said it will announce on Nov 13 after a rigid selection process five potentially life-saving projects that will receive funds from the foundation.

Among the organisations on the foundation's short-list are the Children's Cancer Institute Australia, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, the Children's Medical Research Institute, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute and Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

The selected projects would share $10 million. Among their proposals are  centre for child cancer patients at high risk of relapse, a high-tech imaging equipment and a facility to help identify personalised treatment options.

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