Android Update: Instagram Releases Faster, More Responsive Android App

By @judithaparri on

Instagram got a sort of a revamp with the latest version of its Android app. It gets a redesign Tuesday and the recent version of the app makes it faster, as well as a more optimized and responsive interface for various Android devices.

The Android app design is flat and clean to make it more responsive than ever. Instagram at version 5.1 cut the size of the app by 50 per cent, while the performance shows great improvement. For instance, profile pages are loading pretty quickly now and there are some rearrangements of the buttons so that navigation of the screen gets easier on various sized devices.

Seeing the app, it is quite apparent Instagram took a lot of time to finish the aesthetics. The assets are tweaked or flattened, but the virtual buttons placement and layout stay the same. No more gradient background in the banner and it has made the logo pure white and minimalist square. The Refresh as well as Instagram Direct icons also changed with the lighter front brought in for timestamps attached to each of the photo at the top right location. All the icons are changed.

The buttons for modifying the in-app settings of the camera or using photo editing appears in various places on the screen, depending on the size of the screen used. The Explore section is reduced to give space for the photos. The mess of lines and boxes were removed from the user profiles.

Instagram expressed in a blog post that they worked hard to make their app felt native and at home by the users. Visuals are made simple. Screen spaces are given to small devices and feature phones. The design is also rearranged to keep the buttons easy to reach as the user explores the app on a large device.

To reckon, Instagram also made an update to iOS earlier. The IOS update puts an additional slider to the Lux too, to enhance the saturation of photos so that users can make adjustments to the color saturation level they want to apply to the images.

Overall, the design is lighter and more beautiful. For Android users, an Instagram spokesperson said the Lux tool will come later. The most recent version of Instagram is now available in Google Play Store.

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