Android Security: Google Ready to Walk an Extra Mile

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Google has accorded the highest priority in ensuring Android security. At the Google I/O held in San Francisco recently, the search giant made all enterprise users happy with its announcement of innovative plans in addressing the security concerns pertaining to Android.

Samsung Alliance

Google answered all such fears and critics with a credible answer. It roped in Samsung's KNOX technology for its next Android release. The collaboration with Samsung is expected to address the cry for a resilient mobile platform. It will also endorse Samsung's Knox agility as security software.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of engineering, Android Google hailed Samsung for its contribution to the Android open source project. Working jointly with Samsung for enterprise-grade security in the Android ecosystem will be a milestone as far as Google is concerned.    

Malware Issue

At the Google conference, the issue of Android malware was raised and Google outlined the measures it had been taking to prevent the customers from being affected.

Sundar Pichai, head of Android at Google, claimed data wise only less than half a percent users are facing malware issues. But industry observers say when the actual number of Android users is around 1 billion per month, the malware is certainly a problem with at least 5 million users. That is indeed a huge number.

Google Play Services

For faster security updates, Google pushes Google Play services in ensuring the updates are in place in the next six weeks. Allaying all concerns, Pichai claimed 93 percent of Android users are using the latest version of Google Play.

Apple's Attack

It seems Google was a bit peeved by the criticism on Android security at the WWDC 2014 where the Apple CEO was caustic on security and malware issues in Android.

Injong Rhee, the KNOX business group leader, noted as a driving force of Android-powered mobile devices, Samsung can meet the rapidly evolving mobile security and privacy needs of Android users.

Google also promised its new Android upgrade will have many new features such as a separate container to manage and secure business data. It also wants to build Android's enterprise ecosystem and establish Android devices as a leading choice for all businesses. 

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