Android L Top 10 Features Possible to Come on Android 4.0, 4.1-4.3 and Android 4.4 Devices

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Android L and Google 5.0 will deliver tons of changes to Android devices such as faster applications and better battery life. Know the official features and enhancements from Google which may be ported to Android ICS, Jelly Bean and KitKat.

Android L Features:

1. Material Design

Google will allow a new design language for mobile, Web and beyond as part of Google-wide standard. Developers may now add new colour palette into their apps to allow new system widgets, screen transitions and animated touch feedback.

2. Enhanced Notifications

Updates on the lock screen notifications with surface content, updates and actions without unlocking. Visibility Controls to manage the types of information appearing on the lock screen and Heads-Up notifications display content and actions in a small floating window to manage the system no matter which app is in the foreground. Notifications will now have themes and accent colours.

3. Document-centric Recents

Organise apps from the Recent screen using "documents" add-on to flip specific tasks then jump right into it with a single tap.

4. Project Volta

Set of new tools and APIs for efficient power conservation by using Battery Historian and job scheduler API. You may now set the conditions on which tasks should run or control charging modes.

5. Bluetooth Low Energy Peripheral Mode

Extended mode of Bluetooth Low Energy for broadcasting to nearby peripheral devices such as pedometer or heart monitor.

6. Multi-networking

Apps can work with the system to scan dynamically for available networks with specific functions. It is useful for handoffs management or connection to specialised networks.

7. Advanced Camera

New camera API will feature new capabilities for image capturing and image processing. Apps can capture uncompressed YUV capture at full 8 MP at 30 fps. The API also allows capture of raw sensor data and control parameters such as exposure time, ISO sensitivity and frame duration.

8. OpenGL ES 3.1

For game developers, Android L supports OpenGL ES 3.1 to give more capabilities with compute shaders, stencil textures and texture gather for games. Android Extension Pack will let OpenGL ES to bring desktop-class graphics experience to Android devices.

9. Android Runtime

Android Runtime or ART becomes the system default runtime and as an alternative to Dalvik. ART features Ahead-of-Time compilation to improve performance, more efficient garbage collection and better development.

10. 64-bit Support

Android L supports 64-bit ABIs for improved performance with certain compute workloads. Apps written in Java can run immediately on 64-bit architectures without modifications required.

Google Service 5.0

1. Android Wearables

Android wearable gadgets are now supported on Android L for easy communication and syncing with applications.

2. Play Games

Allow Quests for improved gaming experiences for gamers. Moreover, the update will deliver rewards, saved games synchronisation and game profile with experience points.

3. App Indexing API

Google Search and Drive will have additional user engagement through surface deep content of native applications.

4. Google Cast

Use media tracks to enable closed-caption support for Chromecast.

5. Drive

Sort query, create offline folders and select any mime type in the file picker by default.

6. Wallet

Use Save a Wallet button for offers directly into your app. Additionally improvements include in-store notifications for digital cards and split tender for payment to be split between Wallet Balance and Google Wallet.

7. Analytics

Enhanced Ecommerce with more insights and understanding of product impressions, product clicks and more.

8. Mobile Ads

Use of improved in-app purchase ads and integrations for the Play Store in-app purchase API client.

9. Dynamic Security Provider

New alternative security networking APIs that can be updated more frequently and quickly.

Android L features may be segmented through app updates via Play Store to support older versions such as Android ICS, Jelly Bean and KitKat.

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