Android L Rollout Prediction: Nexus 4, Moto X, HTC One, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, LG G2

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ARS Technica's latest reports on Android L update revealed the expected timeline for LG Nexus 4, Moto X, HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2 based on how long Android KitKat rollout.

User Interface Implementation

Nexus devices are always exclusive on the newest Android version due to Google branding but Motorola edges other brands in terms of software update rollout. Moto X, Moto G and Moto E are all running near-vanilla interface which made Android KitKat easier to implement and reports from ARS Technica claimed that Moto X received Android KitKat around 19 days with Nexus devices.

HTC accomplished their commitment by releasing Android KitKat for HTC One M7 unlocked variant within a month. In addition, HTC Sense UI transparency and light modification made it easier for implementation of any Android software update. Android L for HTC One M8 and M7 is expected to rollout 90 days after Google's official release.

Samsung devices including Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 are still running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and reports claim that Android 4.4.3 version remains under testing for Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 LTE-A. Unlike with Nexus 4, Moto X and HTC One, Samsung's TouchWiz modified every part of the default Android UI which affects software development of a new Android update due to integration.

LG's official Android KitKat started rolling out recently but it took around 4.6 months to arrive on the unlocked G2 smartphone. Aside from the slow update process, LG also features personal UI branding like Samsung which requires integration to Android OS as well.

Network Carriers

Branded user interfaces are not the only factor to be considered with Android OS update. Network carriers especially in the United States can slowdown update rollout. ARS Technica reports unveiled that the unlocked models received Android KitKat within 2.4 months followed by T-Mobile around 3.3 months. AT&T and Sprint shared 3.4 months timeline on releasing Android KitKat update to respective Android devices while Verizon Wireless accomplished Android KitKat for 4.3 months.

Similar with manufacturers which integrates user interface on devices, network carriers also install exclusive apps and services such as ISIS mobile wallet that requires integration to any Android update. Moreover, certain functions like Bluetooth and mobile data require testing before any rollout.

Android L is expected to be officially released before 2014 ends and will arrive on selected Nexus devices, HTC One Series and Moto X.

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