Android L Hidden Tricks and Features

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Google is currently working on the next update, which is planned to be released later this year, even though some people are still waiting for Android 4.4 KitKat updates on their smartphone. Android L release was revealed at Google I/O, which came as a surprise because of the early developer preview.

Google gave consumers and developers a glimpse at what to expect for the next version of Android before the release, which is said to be sometime in the fall.

Many changes and improvements are already in Android L but this just an early developer's preview and most of the developments are not system wide. Google put some adjustments and development despite of the obvious changes to the user interface. While consumers are excitedly checking the new Android L, here are some latest and unknown features of the much anticipated software.

Battery Charge Until Full - Android L has now the ability to tell how much time is left until the battery gets fully charged. You can see it on the lockscreen and also in the battery information found in the settings. There you can see the time. This is such a great help that you are able to know how many minutes do you need to wait before getting your smartphone fully charged.

Battery Life Remaining - You can also see the battery life remaining option. It can be found in the Battery information located in Settings. It will give you details how long will your device be fully charged and it will also estimate how much battery life is remaining. But it will still vary based on how much you use your device.

Battery Saver Mode - Here is another feature which is new for Android, there is already a battery saver mode. Just go to Settings > click battery> and then click menu and there you'll see the Battery Saver mode. You can manipulate it whether to turn on battery saving mode at 15% remaining or you can also chose one of the provided choices. There is also a button that can simply set your device to a battery saving mode without considering remaining battery left.

Material Keyboard - Maybe, some users saw from Google's preview that there is a new keyboard. The keys aren't separated and look close together, and there is a new colour for the gesture trail for swiping. To use this, just go to Language & Input there you will see the settings option for the Google Keyboard, and there three available theme options.

Do Not Disturb - Last is the "Do not disturb" setting. You can already customise whether to block it not only by time of day, but by starred contacts.

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