Android L Developer Preview Issues Won't Receive Bug Fixing Patches; Nexus 6 to Run Android L on Fall 2014 --Reports

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Android L Developer Preview is not going to receive any bug-fixing patches for those who installed the firmware on certain devices according to reports. Moreover, some sources claim that Android L may debut with Nexus 6 on fall of 2014.

Android L Developer Preview 'No Bug Fixes'

Several devices such as Nexus 5 have been ported with Android L Developer Preview but users who did install the new firmware found noticeable system bugs. According to BGR, the ported version of the Android L Developer Preview has a slim chance on receiving bug-fixing patches at this time as the firmware's current release was designed for developers rather than commercial use.

A video posted by Rich Hyndman was caught at Google+ revealing several details about Android L.

"They'll be some extras coming, like the 64-bit emulator. But I don't believe new device images are coming. The preview release is primarily for developers to be able to test their apps and get them ready for the L launch. It is the first time we've had a preview release and it will mean less chance of issues with apps in the Play Store at launch and more apps ready to take advantage of the new features," Hyndman replied to comments at Google+.

Just like what Hyndman pointed out, the Developer Preview release has been intended on Android L unlike with previous Android versions to help app developers on optimising their apps sooner rather than later. Users who have installed the early version of Android L can only expect stability with the official release coming on fall of 2014.

Click here to watch the YouTube video by Hyndman to know what Android L offers to all Android users.

Android L on Nexus 6 on Fall 2014

The Nexus 6 smartphone is a very mysterious device and Google has not confirmed yet the existence of it.

Sources from Christian Today claim that Android L is expected to be released with Nexus 6 as part of its debut this year. In 2013, Android 4.4 KitKat debuted on LG Nexus 5 which was released later on other Nexus devices including Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Android 4.4 KitKat also rolled out on several Google Play Edition devices such as HTC One and Galaxy S4 and then pushed on Motorola devices which runs near-vanilla user interface.

So far, there are five versions of Android KitKat released by Google containing several improvements.

- Android 4.4

- Android 4.4.1

- Android 4.4.2

- Android 4.4.3

- Android 4.4.4

Most devices running Android KitKat are eligible for Android L update provided the software support has not expired or if the device has not yet received two major firmware updates.

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