Android L Developer Preview on HTC One M7: Which Functions Are Not Working and How to Install It

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Android L Developer Preview has been ported to the HTC One M7 smartphone according to XDA developer forum. It is currently under alpha beta but being developed by the ones who ported the firmware. Know which things are working and not functioning well on this ROM for HTC One.

HTC One M7 Running Android L

Recent news revealed that Android L Developer Preview has been available for the LG Nexus 5 and ASUS Nexus 7. Now, developers at XDA forum made it possible for the HTC One M7 smartphone.

"Not many expected to see a HTC One M7 port but XDA senior member ssrij and a team of developers managed to port the Android L Developer Preview to this former flagship device," according to XDA developers.

XDA senior member ssrij and the development team revealed which functions are working and those currently having issues in the alpha stage of the Android L firmware for HTC One M7.

Android L Developer Preview

The firmware that ssrij and the development team used on HTC One m7 is the same Android L Developer Preview released for LG Nexus 5 and ASUS Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi model and not a SDK port.

What Functions Are Not Working At This Time?

-          Wi-Fi

-          Bluetooth

-          Mobile data

-          Sensors except GPS

-          Camera app

-          Audio output

These functions are suffering some bugs or issues and considered normal since the firmware is still in alpha stage. They are welcoming any help from anyone in order to fix and eliminate the bugs affecting respective functionality.

According to the developers, everything else is functioning normally except the ones mentioned above and users who managed to discover new issues should report them at the site.

Installation Notes

Be reminded that Android L Developer Preview for HTC One M7 is still under alpha stage and it contains several bugs that may not be suitable for everyday usage. HTC One M7 must be rooted with unlocked boot loader for it to work.

1.      Download the Android L ROM for HTC One M7 by clicking here.

2.      Copy the ROM file to the internal storage or microSD card of HTC One M7.

3.      Reboot into Recovery mode using the latest version of ClockworkMod or TWRP.

4.      Perform a full wipe on the device including data, cache partition, Dalvik cache and system.

5.      Flash the ROM using "install zip from SD card."

6.      Then reboot the device by selecting "reboot system now."

Before flashing the Android L ROM, make sure to create a nAndroid backup of the ROM to reverse any changes made.

Other reminders for this ROM include:

-          Do not flash with any custom kernel on top of it.

-          XYZ cannot work yet since the firmware is currently under alpha stage.

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