Android JellyBean 4.2.2 Update: Experts Claim No Major Fix, Patch Kills LTE Chip on Nexus 4

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Nexus devices are gradually absorbing the JellyBean 4.2.2 patch recently let out by Google but the usual excitement is somewhat clouded by what appeared as tempered OS jump afforded by the Android update.

As always, Google pledged bump ups in performance and stability once the 54MB file update gets in and installs to any Nexus system. Stock Android users should be clapping in glee because they're getting serving of the re-flavoured JellyBean ahead of the others.

But setting aside the robotic PR from Google, experts claim that nothing much is radically morphed once the new JellyBean recipe starts residing inside the Nexus 4, for example.

According to AndroidCentral, Android 4.2.2 can be summed up into these superficial improvements: animation revisions, new system sounds and notification enhancements. Yes, no amusing addition to the already impressive Google Now and other features that the tech giant had cooked up with the 4.2 release of JellyBean.

So minus the eye-candy revamps that we saw with the immediate past Android update, is it worth the trouble to point your device to the upgrade channel and join in the fun?

Just to kill the bugs that may be hiding inside your gadget such as the reported random reboots claimed by some Nexus device owners, the download and installation are worth the attention, experts said.

Yet be warned! While JellyBean 4.2.2 on Nexus 4 comes with cute additions such as new sound alerts when the phone is nearing zero battery juice and is being paired with a wireless charging accessory, one major modification will be lost once the update process is completed.

According Engadget, the new JellyBean version is deployed to kill LTE connectivity on Nexus 4. To begin with, LTE on the device is unsanctioned by Google but with some tinkering the dormant chip was brought into life by a number of Nexus 4 owners.

Google, however, is crashing the party and sending everyone home. No more LTE for the fresh JellyBean off the shelf and AnandTech confirmed this discovery.

Those enjoying the fast internet access of Nexus 4 would want to think twice before grabbing that 4.2.2. You're not missing too many anyway, Android experts said, so better stick with what you have.

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