Android Gets 'Superpowers' Through a Cool Case

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The Kickstarter project has managed to raise some funds through a smartphone accessory putting extra buttons on the handset while adding extra superpowers to it.

The Cliq "phone cape" is designed to ensure the things that are most needed are always at the tip of a finger, having friends and family one click away, never missing a photo opportunity and managing battery life without going to the settings. This provides more features than having protection to the smartphones.

Cliq's buttons can perform various functions that will be helpful in the daily routine like it is faster, simpler and better, ergonomically designed, no wires for charging and the buttons completely customizable.

The case will be available in multiple colors, including black and white options, particularly for those who like their phone bare. It will also include an NFC technology to wirelessly connect with the phone. The NFC is not an average technology but it is more like NFC 2.0 covered with patent pending NFC module that will allow Cliq to look like any other case.

The Kickstarters are afraid of copycats that is why they do not mention the technology used in the case.

There are few simple steps to set up the application. First, one needs to put on the case and download the app. There are three buttons available and each button responds to a short or long link. Choose and click on any one of the buttons that you want to control.

After selecting the desired button, make a short click. Let's say for the flashlight, select the icon and press next. In a similar way, launch the long click to send for example, 'call you in 5' text. Once the app is set up, it will run in the background without disturbing any of the phone's system.

Cliq will be reprogrammable so it can be used with Tasker, Automateit, and many other IFTTT style apps. You can now make contextual buttons and customize your phone to the next level. The drawback of this accessory is that, since it's a case, it only supports some of the devices, including Galaxy S5, S4 and Note 3, Moto X, Nexus 5 and LG G2.

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