Android 5.0 Name Game: Lollipop, Liquorice, Lemon Meringue Pie, Ladyfingers or Leche Flan

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Android 5.0's iconic dessert name may be unveiled at the Google I/O event and Lollipop seems to be the people's choice. There are several others which may be chosen and we cannot be sure if Google is planning for another brand tie-up.


Everyone knows what a lollipop is and it goes to every age known in the world. Some countries even call the famous candy as Lolly which now being the centre of Android's next iconic dessert name. The most recent leak which seems to support the name is the screenshot caught from a Nexus device displaying 'L' at the notifications bar for the USB debugging mode.


Sweet and light sponge cakes roughly shaped like large fingers which can be principal ingredients in many dessert recipes such as trifles, charlottes and tiramisu. It is not as popular as lollipop in all age group but the infants benefit from it as being soft enough for teething mouths.


It is a common flavouring ingredient in a wide variety of candies and sweets. Confections with liquorice are primarily purchased by consumers in Europe. In the Netherlands, liquorice candies are called 'drop' which may be sold with aniseed, mint, menthol and laurel. Liquorice candies in Scandinavia feature strong and salty taste. Some concept art designs found online featured Liquorice as Android's next dessert name.

Lemon Meringue Pie

This baked pie has been rumoured before as one of the most eligible names for the next generation Android OS due to its relation with Key Lime Pie that was chosen prior to KitKat. Lemon Meringue Pie existed since the 19th century and records attributed it to Alexander Freshe. Early rumours nominated Lemon Meringue Pie for the next generation Android after KitKat.

Leche Flan

It is a popular term for the Crème Caramel dessert in the Philippines based on original flan de leche in Spain. It literally means "milk flan" which primarily made up of condensed milk and egg yolks. Due to its original naming, leche flan may be one of the least possible choices for an Android dessert name.

Popular Brands

Unfortunately, Android 5.0 may not feature an iconic dessert name based from another popular candy bar brand since there is virtually no brand name starting in 'L'. But others may be used on future Android version in case Google wants another tie-up.

-          Milkyway

-          M&Ms

-          Musketeers

-          Snickers

-          Toblerone

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