Android 5.0 Lollilop to Arrive Soon Instead of Android 4.5? Lollilop Top Killer Features Targets Businesses

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The roll out of Android 4.4 KitKat continues but it appears Google has a new plan already. Android 5.0 Lollipop has been making the headlines recently. According to an analyst, Google appears to be working on the system to "look like a professional platform." Whereas the Android 4.4 KitKat update sought to lessen fragmentation among Android devices, the upcoming Android 5.0 will be targeting business professionals. What can people expect? 

According to a report by SC Magazine, forums and newswires have been buzzing about an Android program from an alpha developer. The report noted that the new program goes by the name "Lollipop." It appears the developer has been preparing for the formal launch of the new mobile operating system. Google is set to hold its Google I/O event this June in San Franciso. Analysts believe the internet giant plans to unleash whatever OS it is working on during the event. 

The most interesting tidbit of the report is the focus of the upcoming Android OS to addressing business needs. Analysts note that Google may be following a similar move Apple did with its iOS v4.2.1 back in November 2010. The updated operating system allows users full-multitasking capabilities. This was further enhanced by iPad support. The iPad came out in the same year together with the iOS 4.0. This prompted companies to buy the tablet for their operations. 

Google may be aiming for the same thing. 

Rob Bamforth, a principal analyst with Quocirca shared his thoughts on Google's supposed focus on business needs. According to him, Google appears to be improving its platforms for business purposes. 

"It's starting to make Android look like a professional platform, rather than the amateur and tinkerer's aspect to the portable operating system that has seen to date," he said. 

"Samsung and few others have been going in this direction for some time, but if security features such as containerisation and sandboxing are supported in Android 5.0, then this will propel the platform firmly into the business arena," explained. 

Bamforth said that Google should look into its security to make sure it can cater to businesses properly. The main concern among Android platforms is how it can support both personal and business usage. 

"This has been Blackberry's approach for some time. Doing it on the Android platform, however, will ensure widespread industry support, rather than having one or two manufacturers going it alone," he added. 

Another report by Mobile Gazette noted that Google may be working on Android 4.5 as well. The new operating system may feature a built-in Bitcoin miner. Google has yet to clarify whether it will release Android 4.5 or Android 5.0 soon.

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