Android 5.0 L Offers Manual Controls, Mobile Shooters and Mobile Support

By @peevesky on

Google has launched the Android L mobile operating system during its I/O conference. The fifth major installment of the Google mobile OS offers a range of new APIs that will render photographers glad. These include mobile shooters, mobile support and manual controls. 

According to Peta Pixel, the Android L OS will offer native RAM support particularly DNG support. This takes away the need to tweak or hack the system to obtain "RAW" images from the device using other roundabout methods. Upcoming Android phones can just capture RAW images similarly the way they obtain JPEGs. It has been a while since Android users expressed wanting to see the feature on Android devices. 

Another interesting feature to come with the OS is a new camera gear system.  Under the new Camera API, people can now limit the functions of the camera. Previously, OEMS can also restrict access to the camera power. Google wants to bypass initiatives to restrict functions in a number of devices.

Lastly, the Burst mode feature is also an interesting component. Instead of turning to a third-party script to get the job done, users can now find the burst mode under a range of APIs. The Android L platform also provides full manual control. Previously, the Android platform needs tweaking in its open-sourced operating system to get manual controls. 

In relation to the release of the Android L Developer Preview, Android shared: 

"For the first time since we launched Android, we're giving you early access to a development version of an upcoming release. The L Developer Preview, available starting tomorrow, lets you explore many of the new features and capabilities of the next version of Android, and offers everything you need to get started developing and testing on the new platform. This is important because the platform is evolving in a significant way - not only for mobile but also moving beyond phones and tablets."

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