Android 4.5 July Release: Lollipop or Ladoo Dessert Name, Google Nexus 8 Initial Device and Features Expected

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Android 4.5 is rumoured going out by July and will run the upcoming Google Nexus 8 slate powered by 64-bit processor and bigger RAM. Lollipop and Ladoo are now the heated up names for next-gen Android version. So what features Android 4.5 and Nexus 8 tablet?

Android 4.5 OS

Next-generation Android version 4.5 aka 5.0 will get a new dessert name beginning with the letter L. Android 4.4 version was released with codename Key Lime Pie inside Google HQ while known publicly as Nestlé's KitKat.

Rumours spoil the names Lollipop, which is a very common sweet and liked by children worldwide while Ladoo is another possible naming. Ladoo is a ball-shaped sweet popular in India made of flour and sugar.

Change logs and features of Android 4.5 or 5.0 remain scarce and there are no reports regarding its activity. Google temporarily closed the session page of the upcoming I/O 2014 to let Android fans expect bigger things on the next-gen Android coming very soon.

Here are features which might be discussed during the event for Android devices including Nexuses.

1.      Bluetooth improvements

2.      Better gaming experience including possible link between Android and iOS players

3.      More updates on using Daydream feature found on Android Jelly Bean

4.      Notable upgrades on the graphics engine for Android

5.      Enhancing Android Cloud services and storage

6.      More accessibility improvements

7.      Getting portable TV application native

8.      Improving the scriptwriting for Android OS

9.      More network supports

10.  Enhancements on multimedia performance

11.  Optimisation of apps and processor

12.  Much better memory management

13.  Improving battery life

Google Nexus 8

Reports suggest that Nexus 8 is likely the first-hand runner of Android 4.5 or 5.0 and later to be ported on other Nexus devices including Nexus 6. Additionally, Nexus 8 will likely to replace the 7-inch slate permanently with ASUS as possible maker.

There are several improvements that Google could do for Nexus 8 aside from making it run the next-gen Android version.

1.      Display will remain as LED-backlit IPS LCD but may feature 2K resolution and higher pixel density. Samsung Hungary already confirmed a Galaxy Tab with 2K display.

2.      Processor suggested by reports features 64-bit processing capability and likely from Intel using Moorefield. If not, Google may get their hands on the upcoming Qualcomm 64-bit CPU chips.

3.      Processors with 64-bit CPU can support bigger RAM on mobile devices such as 4 GB or higher. However, price tag will get higher too if Google allows bigger RAM chipset.

4.      More storage capacity such as having 64 GB variant of Nexus 8 due to zero microSD slot.

5.      Android 4.4.2 KitKat helped battery improvements on Nexus 7 2013 and 2014 but Nexus 8 could use bigger battery units due to slight increase in overall size.

6.      Likely to be manufactured by ASUS but LG can also tap since they already have experienced creating G Pad 8.3.

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