Android 4.4.3 to Feature New Dialer, Release Date and More Features

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The Android 4.4.3 Google update has made the headlines following Sprint's sudden release of a firmware for Nexus 5. While the carrier has taken down the update, it has stirred interest over Android customers. The Android 4.4.3 may be indeed rolling out soon. According to recent information, the new Android update will focus on bug fixes instead of adding features. Likewise, the new OS firmware will feature a new dialer. What can people expect? 

According to a report by BGR, while the Android 4.4.3 has been rumored to be a major bug fixer, leaked screenshots hint that it may be introducing a major overhaul to one of its components. According to the image leaked from XDA Developers Forum, Google Dialer will be receiving a new look under the Android 4.4.3 update. 

The Android 4.4.3 Dialer app showcases a range of cards for every contact rather than a simple list. Likewise, the new dialer can also preview an image of the contact so long as the user assigns something to it. Other reported features of the dialer include a blue action bar at the bottom and a search bar at top. 

The latest Dialer app was seen on the Nexus 5 when it was featured running on the Android 4.4.3 software version with build number KTU84F. According to a report by Android Police, the spotted Nexus may be owned by a Google employee.  Most Google employees receive Android updates ahead of time. The report also noted that the spotted Nexus may be believable given the contact names featured. 

There are no details about the exact roll out of the Android 4.4.3. There have been leaks and sightings of Sony Xperia Z model running on the update. HTC has also been reportedly gearing up to roll out the update between May to June. 

Unless Google releases the update before June, the Android 4.4.3 update may come into light during the I/O Conference. The Android 4.5 Lollipop series has also been reported to come out around the same time. 

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