Android 4.4.2 Problems Arise: Fixes Issued for Push Notifications, Ringtones and More

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Google has been plagued with Androud 4.4 KitKat problems from its release. Despite its impressive features, many Android users complain of bugs and other problematic functions. Usually, people will find it easy to use their alarm sounds, notifications and ringtones. It is also easy to choose which music files to use. Transferring and copying often come convenient. However, those who chose to install Android 4.4.2 may be having some troubles. 

The Problem 

According to reports, the problem comes after downloading a music file such as mp3s. When users try to move the file to another folder using File Manager, which is when the problem starts. When people try to use the file for their ringtone, it is not available from the selection. This means people cannot use the music file for their push notifications, ringtone or alarm. 


Though Google has not issued an official fix for these problems, some third party sources provided useful tips. Working around the problem may be quite tedious but it should fix the issues. People will need to work with their personal computers to transfer files and get them to appropriate folders. The instructions are provided as follows:

1.       Connect the Android device to a personal computer. Use a USB. Users should make sure they have the necessary drivers to avoid problems.

2.       Download the music files on the computer. Transfer the sound files to the device via USB.

3.       Remove the device safely from the USB connection. 

Users should check whether the sound files are the in the appropriate folder already. If the files are there, they can use them for their ringtone, alarm and notifications. Although the issue does not affect the overall performance of the devices, they can still be frustrating. Users may feel their devices are not up to their liking because they cannot personalize the settings. 

Nexus 5 users have also reported about the problem. Google will still need to address the problem. According to some reports, the tech giant is planning to release Android 4.4.3 KitKat update. However, Google has not confirmed this yet. For the meantime, people can stick to quick fixes from third parties.

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