Android 4.4 Kitkat vs. iOS 7.1 vs. Windows Phone 8.1: Which Has Fewer Crashes, Better Adoption Rates, and is Ready for Release?

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The three battling operating systems that are featured in the hottest deices around have a number of updates and data to back up the fact that each one does have its own strength, but also proves that, because of that, innovation is becoming a key factor in the system that runs the devices in the electronics industry.

Android 4.4 Kitkat: In a study of crashes, it wins

Phone Arena reports about a study from Crittercism, wherein the study focused on the iOS 7.1 and the Android Kitkat OS and had come up with very surprising results in terms of the stability of the two OS.

Apparentnly, when taking into consideration the app activity, responsiveness and uptime from real-time requests over 1 billion users, the iOS 7.1 had crashed only 1.7% rate, making it the least of all the iterations since iOS 6.But the kicker is that it is still at a higher crash rate compared to all version for the Android 4.x Kitkat, which only had 0.7% crashes.

The main critique for the Android found in the study is that, despite its stability, developers still need to optimize their apps on this OS. A rather comprehensive infographic is in the link above, if you want to check it out.

iOS 7.1: Better received than Android counterpart?

While the study of crashes put the Android at a much better position, it seems that users are still more accepting of the iOS 7.1 compared to the Kitkat upgrade.

Design n Trend reports that data has shown a surprisingly vast difference in percentage of Android Kitkat vs. iOS 7.1 acceptance, with the latter having an 85% overall adoption rate for users, while the Android only had 8% total.

This is already a pretty good figure for the iOS given that it has previously been greeted with nothing but criticisms and requests for downgrading. Then again, it could also be that the latest version of the iOS 7 does have a smaller crash percentage compared to its predecessor, which could be the improvement that makes the difference.

Windows Phone 8.1 core possibly done, Store helps find great apps faster

The progress and updates for the Windows Phone 8.1 is anything but slow. In the span of two days, the news went from rumours of the Windows Phone 8.1 missing its scheduled preview at the Microsoft Build developers conference to being confirmed that the core has been completed.

Ubergizmo reports that the Windows Phone 8.1 might even be out for summer this year. The delay may have just been for a week, though despite the completion, the report states that the OS may be far from ready to roll out to manufacturers.

Still, this is a pretty good progress, despite reports pointing out that the BUILD conference will still not see the Windows Phone 8.1. However, there have been new leaks, particularly in the Windows Phone Store app department.

According to NDTV, the Windows Phone 8.1 OS has been seen with changes related to the app store, including the addition of new sections. There's a Quick Links section for new, top and featured apps and games, which are also classified as free or paid.

There's also a My App section for the installed apps and those requiring updates. Category selection of apps will also be possible. Lastly, there is the ability to follow active download with a status bar and even a smart way of suggesting different apps depending on the user's location.

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