Android 4.1 JellyBean Update for Sony Xperia S

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Besides bringing back the Sony Xperia S to the store shelves, the Japanese technology giant is also providing a JellyBean update for the model.

Sony Mobile UK said an update for Android 4.1 will be open in mid-December. The news was actually announced in October. With the confirmation, Sony Xperia S may be the first to receive a golden update of Android 4.1 and owners of Sony Xperias T, TX, and V could expect updates soon. For overall Sony Xperia devices, a possible development for updates will be known by mid Q1 of 2013.

In the Sony Mobile website, the latest version of software for Sony Xperia S is 6.1.A.2.45 which should be checked by the users if this version has been installed. The update was released in March 9, 2012.

With the fast-pace release of OS for Android devices, Gingerbread Android version is already considered out of date for most smartphones in the market with Ice Cream Sandwich as the base standard. Sony has been a little behind the latest version of Android for their smartphone devices, until the disclosure on Wednesday.

How to update Sony Xperia S

To find out which version is currently installed in the Xperia S, go to the Settings, click the About Phone, then it will display the Build number/Version. The update can be accessed via internet or the Sony PC Companion.

Sony PC Companion

1.     The connection cord for the PC to the Sony Xperia device

2.     Plug in the device to the PC for Sony PC Companion to activate

3.     Wait for the prompt showing the message about software update and installation permission

4.     The Sony PC Companion will display phone software update availability and features of the Sony PC Companion

5.     A prompt will display showing the new software version

6.     An installation process will show steps as it proceeds for the update

7.     New features of the updated software will be displayed

8.     The Sony PC Companion will prepare the device and downloads the update from the internet

9.     Updating begins

10.   Once finished, the Sony PC Companion will display that the device has been updated and how to disconnect it from the computer

11.  Then the phone reboots with the new updated software.

The process is the same with its Mac counterpart - The Sony Bridge

Online Software Update

1.     Go to

2.     Hover the mouse cursor on the Support menu

3.     Click on Support Overview

4.     Scan the Support Overview page, click View all Software updates

5.     Choose the mobile device which needs update

6.     As the page displays the information about the mobile device software version, click Check for Updates at the bottom

7.     Let the Java run and an installation guide will help out for the update process

Current Improvements of Sony software version 6.1.A.2.45

  • All new Sony media experience with new Walkman application called the Album
  • Lock screen improvement
  • Resizable widgets and improved personalisation
  • Improved control of mobile data consumption

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