Andrew Lincoln Death Hoax: Walking Dead Star Died of Snowboarding Accident Goes Viral; Death Template Revealed

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Internet death hoax turned its attention to Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln claiming he died in a snowboarding accident at Zermatt Ski Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland. According to the source, witnesses said that Lincoln lost control over his snowboard and struck a tree at high speed.

Andrew Lincoln Snowboarding Accident

An article from Global Associated News was posted at claimed that the Walking Dead actor Andrew Lincoln died in a snowboarding accident on June 18, 2014. Based on the details posted on the site, Lincoln was having a vacation at the Zermatt Ski Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland with family and friends.

Witnesses indicated that the actor struck a tree at high speed after losing control over his snowboard which caused the apparent accident. Lincoln was air lifted by ski patrol team to the local hospital but noted dead before arriving to the hospital due to the damage he sustained from the impact.

Additionally, the report stated that he was wearing a helmet during that time and no indication of drugs or alcohol has been attributed his death. Interestingly, the story seems to be developing even though it is a hoax.

Real Deal About It

If you look at the bottom of the Web site which posted the article from Global Associated News, a notice has been detailed that the story is indeed 100 per cent FAKE. The Web site is simply referring the fake story as a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only - there is no truth about it.

Moreover, the story was dynamically generated using a generic "template" and is not factual. Any reference to specific individuals has been 100 per cent fabricated by Web site visitors who have created fake stories by entering a name into a blank "non-specific" template for the purpose of entertainment.

The Generic Template appears at the final lines of the site's disclaimer and it is definitely easy to generated fake death stories about any celebrity you think of. The site generating templates only require the first and last name of the celebrity then users just have to press OK.

After that, several templates will be generated containing random details about death. You may encounter results such as car crash, jet-ski crash, falling from cliff, hospitalisation, yacht sinking, missing somewhere and the snowboarding accident which was used on Andrew Lincoln.

Another story spreading online about Andrew Lincoln is that he was found dead in a hotel room which will also lead you to another Web site upon reading the bottom part of the page.

Andrew Lincoln is alive and well and currently filming for the fifth season of the Walking Dead series.

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