Andrew Gordon is New HOH, Paul Jackson up for Eviction; Feud Fumes in 'Big Brother Canada 2'?

By @jenillecristy on

After winning the HOH challenge, Andrew Gordon, the 27-year-old restaurant manager was named Week 2's Head of Household which gave him the power to nominate two house guests for eviction.

Andrew used his power as the HOH to nominate former Head of Household motivational speaker and consultant, Paul Jackson, along with freelance fashion stylist Neda Kalantar. "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 fans were not shocked with the results of the nominations after all.

It was last week when Paul used his HOH perk to nominate Andrew along with Anick Gervais, this season's first evictee. The former HOH's reason was that Andrew was the first boy to get off the block of ice in their first HOH challenge.

Soon, Andrew won the Power of Veto (POV) challenge which he used to take himself from nomination block. This made Paul put hairstylist Ika Wong as replacement nomination.

Andrew showed obvious dislike on Paul for nominating him. This week's footage showed Andrew making fun of the way Paul talks. Until, he won the HOH challenge and put Paul up for eviction.

Some "Big Brother Canada" 2 fans can smell a sort of bad blood for these two competitive houseguests that may or may not last through the entire show (unless Paul get's evicted at the end of the week).

Spoiler Fans are also looking forward to this week's POV challenge.

Meanwhile, lots of things happened in the two weeks running of the show. While the three mystery houseguests wooing for votes to be an official contestant are already on the war room, possible alliances are starting to rise. Boy's alliances, girl's alliances as well as final 2 alliances are forming this early. Personal trainer Kyle Shore and make-up artist Sabrina Abbate same with Nedda and Ika seemed to have a final two deal while Kyle and Andrew seemed to have a brotherly alliance.

Student Rachelle Diamond had made enemies. Some houseguests do not want how she flirted with some boy houseguests since she had a boyfriend outside the house.

Rachelle and Ika dislike model agency coordinator Heather Decksheimer for making a big deal of Rachelle's flirting and the certain tone of her voice respectively.

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