Andrew Garfield Girlfriend Emma Stone's Alleged Naked Selfie Vs Jennete McCurdy Racy Lingerie Photo: The Bigger Shock?

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Jennette McCurdy is the recent celebrity to become the victim of racy selfie leak. The Internet went abuzz yesterday whit the nearly naked lingerie pics of the "Sam And Cat" star. The three scandalous pics of Jennette show her dressed in lacy lingerie with umpteen cleavage and booty on display.

The first pic shows Jennete in a scandalous position while she is scantily dressed in powder blue lingerie. The 21-year-old star is looking straight in the camera for the selfie and has her booty perched up perfectly from the back.

The second photo shows the star wearing a pink bandue and lying on the bed while the third photo is quite controversial one where she is shown pressing her boobs to  get the maximum display of her cleavage.

The photos of the star got leaked just a few weeks after Emma Stone's alleged naked selfie created a furor on the web. Stone's alleged naked selfie showed her standing in front of the mirror. Though Stone's representative have denied the existence of any such naked photo, the woman in the photo bears an eerie resemblance to  Emma. She has red colored hair and a face structure exactly similar to Emma.

Emma Stone was quite upset when her name was marred by the leaked photo scandal and similar thoughts are also racing in Jennet's mind.  The "Sam And Cat" star has apparently taken to music therapy to cope up with the scandal.

Moreover, Jennete has blamed her ex-boyfriend Andre Dummond for leaking the photo as he was the only one who knew about their existence.  She took to twitter to blame him for the fiasco and wrote,

"To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor."

What do you think about Jennete McCurdy and Emma Scandolous Selfie Leaks, which one do you think is a bigger scandal?

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