Anderson Silva Spars with Freddie Roach, Lifts Weights; Will Spider Return to the Octagon Ring Soon?

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Brazilian mixed martial artist Anderson Silva was seen having a sparring session with Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach.

Four months after Silva's horrific injury at UFC 168 resulting to a broken shin, the 39-year-old Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter posed a video of him sparring with Roach on Instagram on April 30.

Slowly but surely. It seems Silva is not dashing on making a comeback in the UFC. He is gradually making progress and working on his full recovery at a time. Silva's fans are constantly updated as he posts pictures on social media about how he has been recuperating from the awful injury. On May 1, Silva shared yet another picture of him working out and lifting weights.

UFC president Dana White revealed in one of his recent interviews that Silva may step back into the octagon ring before the year 2014 ends. White was shown how Silva's bones were healing, back in February, and he was quite impressed to find out how those bones had grown so quickly.

"The doctor came and showed me his bone," White told "He said, 'This is actually crazy, look at all the bone he's had in eight weeks," White added. Apparently, the doctors were surprised how Silva's recovery seems to be going fast because such bone growth from an injury does not really happen in only two months. The doctors told White that it normally takes more than two years. "It's pretty crazy."

Bleacher Report's DJ Summers wrote that while it is exciting to see Silva fight in the octagon ring again, he believes that the Brazilian mixed martial artist and the rest of the UFC management should be a little more cautious. He said that it is important to ensure that Silva is 100% back in his old form and shape before he makes his UFC comeback.

"Seeing Silva back will be a fun storyline. We just need to make sure we get the man back entirely, not some shadow twisted by an injury."


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