Anderson Silva Heads to the Gym Without Crutches, Joe Rogan Fears Silva’s Leg is in Danger of Breaking Again When He Fights Again

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Anderson Silva is back in the gym without crutches. Silva has been itching to start training again after his leg injury during the UFC 168 main event bout against Chris Weidman. After over a month following the Brazilian mixed martial artist's injury, he is definitely out to prove that it will not be long before people get to see him fight in the octagon ring.

FrontRowBrian got an exclusive picture of Silva at the gym and shared it on Instagram. Silva was standing without crutches and he was lifting what looks like barbell without plates.

"Anderson Silva, back in the gym already, on his feet," the caption reads.

The Los Angeles Times reported about Silva's desire to come back and fight in the UFC. Silva has reportedly told UFC president Dana White about his plans fighting again as soon as he has fully recovered. White is optimistic that Silva will have fully-recovered and fight before 2014 ends.

However, UFC analyst and commentator Joe Rogan thinks otherwise. reported that Rogan made an appearance on the Opie and Anthony radio show where he expressed his thoughts on Silva's current condition and comeback plan.

"Dana is a promoter," Rogan said.

"He wants him to fight by the end of the year, and Anderson wants to fight too, but there's real danger of that thing breaking again."

Rogan said that Silva has to make sure that he is fully-healed before he even decide to fight again.

"Opponents are going to do the exact same thing."

"Anybody who fights Anderson is going to practice checking kicks like a motherf****r," he said.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Silva should be grateful being able to take his first step without the crutches. However, coming back to training after an injury requires overall conditioning. Silva and his trainers undoubtedly know what they had to do, but Rogan has a point. Silva shouldn't be so eager to fight again. The risk of the injury happening again is very likely.

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