Anderson Cooper Undergoes Schizophrenia Experiment Related to a University's Recent Killings [VIDEO]

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CNN's Anderson Cooper tried to experience the Seattle Pacific University shooting suspect's life by undergoing an experiment using earphones and hearing voices while walking around the streets of New York. The suspect for the recent killing incident was reported to have mental illness, specifically schizophrenia.

Anderson Cooper took the challenge of wearing earphones while there are voices talking to him, accompanied by a series of simple tests when walking around New York. Clinical psychologist Pat Deegan designed the experiment for the CNN reporter. Deegan also had a similar experience regarding the mental illness as he was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was a teenager.

After the experiment, Cooper said that the experience was totally difficult for a normal person to go through. Cooper added that people who go through this mental illness might be feeling lonely and isolated almost every day of their lives.

Cooper said that going through the experiment will make people understand what people with this kind of mental illness go through on a day to day basis. Given that the experiment will make someone feel very sad, alone, and depressed, Cooper said that he wanted to take the earphones off already because he wanted the voices to stop, according to the CNN video report.

The suspect in Seattle Pacific University shooting has fought many years to curb his mental illness, alcohol abuse, and hearing voices of one of the Columbine killers in his head, according to The Seattle Times. The suspect, named Aaron Rey Ybarra was described by his friends as sociable and a very humourous person. But despite what his friends know about Ybarra, recent psychological reports and police findings gathered say that the man was going through alcoholic problems, and several mental-health issues. Ybarra also had records of hearing voices of a killer responsible for terrible school massacres.

Ybarra killed one student and wounded two students using a shotgun at the Seattle Pacific University on Thursday, June 5.

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