Ancient Papyrus Mentions of Jesus' 'Wife'? Scientists Agree

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Various scholars and scientists have agreed the papyrus containing the writings about Jesus' wife was revealed to be a certified ancient document and not a "fake."

The "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" as dubbed by scientists was written in an ancient papyrus that was apparently a fragment of a larger paper. Harvard Divinity Prof. Karen King has examined the document in 2011.

After further studies by scientists within Harvard University, the controversial text was confirmed written way back in 6th to 9th century, even as early as the fourth century according to a report.

The fragment was first revealed in the International Coptic Congress in Rome in September 2012. But scholars were skeptical about its authenticity based on the grammar, the ink color and the quality of the papyrus where the text was encrypted.

According to reports, the owner of the fragment was a German donor who acquired the document in 1999 from an anonymous collector who owned it since 1960s. After conducting a series of scientific testing, the fragment appeared not to be a fruit of modern forgery and was seen authentic.

The text was written in Coptic, the language of native Egyptian-Christians. The fragment contained only eight handwritten lines. In a report by Hufftington Post, they were translated as:

1) "not [to] me. My mother gave me life..."

2) The disciples said to Jesus, ".[

3) Deny. Mary is worthy of it* [

4) ..." Jesus said to them, "My wife..[

5) ...She will be able to be my disciple...[

6) Let wicked people swell up...[

7) As for me, I dwell with her in order to . [

8) An image [

The fourth line wherein Jesus mentioned "My wife," sparked the old question of whether Jesus Christ had been married. It also mentioned in the line 5, that "she will be my disciple," thus being alleged as the wife of Jesus was also a disciple. Whether Jesus was referring to Mary Magdalene, or Mary, His mother, was unknown, and was another subject of controversy.

Apparently, Jesus may also be referring to the Church as His wife. Jesus referred to the Church as His "bride" in the Bible.

Also, King emphasized the authenticity of the ancient text was revealed not to create argument on whether Jesus was married. It focused more on the role of women in Christianity and the issue of celibacy as practiced by the Roman Catholic Church.

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