Anastasiya Shpagina vs. Dakota Rose: Who is the Prettier Human Doll? [PHOTOS]

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This is the era when fantasy meets reality and some girls are bravely transforming themselves into real-life dolls. Two of them are living Barbie doll Dakota Rose and Anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina.

These girls became overnight celebrities due to their enviable looks and bodies. They are gathering attention from all over the world because of their incredible looks that will make one think twice if they are real or not.

They achieved their beauties through surgery and make up. People are getting more and more interested in girls looking like dolls. This liking yield to creation of a fan base following "Human Dolls."

Dakota Rose was one of the girls who resembles a Barbie doll. She earned a nickname as Kotakoti. Her big eyes, blonde hair and petite frame make her looks like a life-size doll. She is one of the faces of South Korean make up line Etude.

Anastasiya Shpagina or also known as Fukkacumi gained attention recently because of her freaky image that seemed to come from the pages of a Japanese manga.

However, apart from the admiration for their appearance, the girls also received criticisms about their health because of their miniature bodies. Moreover, they are criticized for undergoing surgery to achieve their looks. For example, Anastasiya said that she would like to undergo a surgery to further decrease the size of her waist.

Many are also concerned that these living dolls may transcend the wrong message to young girls that surgery is the essence of good looks.

Some of the girls that resemble a doll are featured in the Facebook fan page "Human Dolls". Some of these girls are Wang Jia Yun, Dakota Rose, Lhouraii Li, Anzhelika Kenova, Andy Santana, and Yuka Pon as well as the popular living dolls Anastasiya Shpagina and Valeria Lukyanova.

See the slideshow for the amazing photos of Kotakoti and Fukkacumi. 

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