Amy Winehouse To Return Back To Her Locality Soon

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Amy Winehouse, 27, was a famous singer who died due to alcohol overdose. Reuters

A life-size statue of legendary singer Amy Winehouse to be unveiled soon to commemorate the star on her upcoming birth anniversary. The statue will be placed in Camden which is just a few steps away from the singer's home where she breathed her last.

The statue to be unveiled on September 14th , which would have been her 31st birthday. Grammy award winning singer was found dead at her home due to accidental alcohol poisoning. She was at the prime age of 27 years when she died a sudden death.

The statue will be placed in Camden near Stables Market. The family of the late singer is running an Amy Winehouse Foundation to help young people suffering with similar problems of addiction and abuse.

The statue is designed by a London based artist Scott Eaton. Made of brass, the statue in itself is an exquisite piece of work. It clearly highlights her distinctive beehive hairstyle and brings out her typical body posture while standing.

The family members of the legendary singer wanted the statue to be in full public access, so that people can connect to it and feel inspired. "Now Amy will oversee the comings and goings of her home town forever," said her father Mitch Winehouse.

The statue will also help in driving fans away from her house where they still collect in large numbers daily to pay tribute to the singer. It will be a good idea to shift focus from 'where and how she died' to her contributions to the music world.

Initially, Camden Town Conservation Authority was reluctant towards the brass statue as it was contrary to the usual norm of putting someone's statue only after 20 years of death. Father of the late singer played a pioneered role here and answered all the questions raised by the authority.

On the same lines, an exhibition was organized last year in September in the Jewish Museum in Camden Town which featured some of the personal belongings of the singer such as clothes, records and numerous photographs.

Amy Winehouse's death came as a tragic shock to the music world. She had won five Grammy Awards for her 2006 album Back to Back. On the personal front, the singer was lately showing signs of turbulence. She often turned up for performances too drunk and developed a bad reputation of a party girl.

Despite her erratic behaviour on stage as well as off stage and her tragic death, her work still continues to win hearts of people all over the world.

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