Amy Winehouse and Alexander McQueen's Feud Taken to the Grave [PHOTOS]

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According to the deceased designer's ex who also happens to be the late singer's past stylist, Amy and Alexander McQueen had a feud that was never settled.

London-based stylist and Amy Winehouse's close friend, Archie Reed, talked to "Digital Spy" about the singer and the legendary designer's squabble that resulted to two ruined dresses and nasty exchanges. Reed claims McQueen offended the "Back to Black" singer at a party in 2006 and Winehouse never forgot about it. "She and Lee (McQueen) didn't get on. Lee had offended her at the party where I first met her and Amy never forgave him" says Reed in a post by Digital Spy. "When he sent her a dress to say sorry she put it on the barbecue" continues the stylist in the same report. The dress, which was included in one of McQueens best collections, was said to be valued at £15,000.

It wasn't the only time the "Rehab" singer disgraced one of McQueen's exquisite collections. Reed continues his story by retelling the singer's antic to shame the designer inside a swanky boutique. "She also spat on one of his dresses at Selfridges, which she had to pay for because she had soiled it. At first she refused, then she just said, 'Fine - but tell Alexander McQueen I ruined his dress'." adds Reed in the same post.

But Reed didn't only expose Winehouse and McQueen's feud, he also went on describing the passionate personality of the late soulful singer. "She had an old head on young shoulders and was very kind and caring" claims Reed in the same post. "Some of us used to jokingly call her Mum because she was always looking after people. It's such a shame how her life ended" continues the stylist in the same Digital Spy report. 



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