'Amish Mafia' News: Esther Schmucker Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Back in Police Custody for Parole Violation?

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The abusive ex-boyfriend of "Amish Mafia" star Esther Schmucker is reportedly back in police custody after he turned himself in for his parole terms violation. According to Lancaster Online, Imir Williams, 24, turned himself in to the Lancaster County authorities at the sheriff's office one week after reports about him contacting his ex-girlfriend Schmucker emerged.

Esther Schmucker filed charges against Williams for an alleged attack in November of 2013. Williams was convicted of assault, causing her a couple of serious injuries including a broken nose, broken cheekbone and a few broken teeth. He was sentenced for probation in December and was not allowed to have any contact with Schmucker.

However, recent reports surfaced that the Manheim Township police were called over a noise complaint at Schmucker's house in January, alleging that Williams was also inside the house. This led to speculations that Williams and Schmucker have rekindled their relationship, which Schmucker vehemently denied on her official Facebook fan page.

"Most of you should know better than believe that sh*t you read, especially when it comes to media. If one more person posts that ridiculous link to my profile or says other smart B.S., you are getting blocked," Schmucker wrote on Feb. 27, the same day when a warrant of arrest was issued to Williams for violating his probation terms.

In 2013, Esther recovered from the injuries and decided to turn her Facebook page into a hub where abused women could find comfort and help. If she really has taken Imir back in her life and home, how can she be of help and encouragement to other abused women? "I am disappointed but I am not really surprised. It is very likely that the person that has been abused will end up going back to the abuser," Esther's lawyer, Steven Breit told Fox 43.

According to reports, Schmucker was with Williams when he turned himself in. Williams is now being held at the Lancaster County prison without bail as he waits another week for his parole-violation hearing where a judge will sentence further penalties for him.

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