Amir Khan Involved in a Minor Car Mishap, Khan to Have a Meet and Greet with U.S. Fans

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British professional boxer Amir Khan, who is currently being eyed as Floyd Mayweather's next opponent, got involved in a minor car mishap on Wednesday.

Khan is currently in the U.S. for a series of planned training sessions. However, due to the minor car accident, the training session was cancelled.

"Hit by a drunk driver on the way to the gym," Khan wrote as the caption for the video he posted Instagram after the incident happened. "Police are here and arrested the man, back neck hurts, he hit us while we was parked full speed," Khan wrote. "No sparring or gym today, Virgil told me to rest," he wrote.

Fortunately, Khan and his driver were not hurt. However, they were a bit shaken up because of the said accident.

Khan is training in San Francisco while talks continue over a possible fight with the Floyd Mayweather in May 2014.  While in the U.S, he will also be coming over at New Jersey on Friday for a Meet and Greet with his fans. It will be held at the Maya Hookah Lounge.

Ricky Hatton has already expressed his thoughts on the possibility of having a fight between Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather.  "Amir is probably one boxer who can match Mayweather for speed," Hatton told the Daily Star. "Amir has the style that could really give Floyd some serious problems, you would get good odds on Amir winning," Hatton added.

Golden Boy Promotions chief executive officer Richard Schaefer also thinks that the fight between the British and the American fighter is going to be a fascinating one.  Schaefer also agrees with Hatton's prior statement. "Amir Khan is fast, his hand speed and footwork are exceptional," Schaefer told Ring TV. "Khan is great challenger for Mayweather, we will just see if the fight can really be done," said Schaefer.

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