'America’s Next Top Model' Cycle 21 Miss J Talks Return, 'Not Like I Was Twiddling My Thumbs'

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In a weird twist of fate, J. Alexander, or "Miss J" as he is fondly called on the show that made him quite a household name, is back for "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 21 after getting fired two cycles ago. Alexander, labelled "Runway Coach Extraordinaire" by none other than Tyra Banks, claimed that returning was an easy and quick decision to make after he got the call. He cannot hide his excitement on his return, despite leaving the show without qualms when asked to do so.

Miss J claims to Hollywood Reporter that it never felt like he has left the show when he, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker were axed. All of them were still able to take on projects they love in their respective fields. They still managed to stay relevant. However, being asked back certainly is good news for him.

"My manager got a phone call, and it was a happy marriage once again. It really felt like I never left," shared the judge to Hollwood Reporter.

Alexander said he was busy making money while he got the call, so he felt as iif he did not really left the show and the two cycles he missed went by in a flash.

"It went by so quick; it was not like I was twiddling my thumbs. I've been making appearances on other [Top Model] shows around the world. I was a new judge on the entire cycle in Russia," he shared. After all, he said he would not be making any money if he would not keep on moving.

He shared that the show's producers wanted him as soon as possible and he did not resist because he helped "give birth to the show so it's like family." He likened his being away from the last two seasons as "a leave of absence" and that he returned thinking it was "a child" he never left.

Asked what he is currently busy on, one will not be surprised that he has tons of projects up his sleeves. He is currently working on a shoe line that can allow women to strut in heels without feeling uncomfortable.

"Basically, [it was inspired by] women complaining about a heel being too high, and they couldn't wear it. These shoes will be done in four different heights: a high one, a medium one, [etc.], and they will be comfortable, easy and fashionable,"he shared. The shoe line seems to be perfectly on his alley since he teaches girls how to walk.

"You'll love a Miss J shoe; it's comfortable, fashionable and smart. It's exciting," Alexander added to Hollywood Reporter.

Two cycles ago, or after Cycle 18, Miss J, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel were axed because of a "production decision" involving big changes planned for cycle 19. At the time, the three graciously accepted the decision. Miss J for one jokingly told Us Magazine.com, "After 18 cycles, I found myself in the bottom three and Tyra pulled a surprise triple elimination. I didn't even get to runway for my life!"

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